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Estimating Accuracy

We’ve all experienced those hot and humid summer days. A feeling of inescapable airlessness, no matter how many windows you open or how few clothes you wear. This is down to the amount of water vapour present in the air. In a normal atmosphere water vapour is around one per cent, but this can fluctuate wildly.

Arctic Metrology

The polar environment is under a constantly increasing interest: climate change comes first and comes faster in the arctic. Multitudes of observations are needed to understand the environment and its evolution. The traceability of data becomes fundamental for the comparability of the many and different measurements’ results.

Use of Whirling Hygrometers

This article looks at the use of whirling hygrometers to measure and assess heat and humidity in the mining environment.

Intra-Urban Air Temperature Variation - Part 2

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Search for Humidity related products and services on our sister site - OSE Directory.

Automatic Weather Stations [Mar 2012]

Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) are becoming increasingly popular in many applications owing to their becoming more affordable, reliable, having improved data logging capabilities and through the growth in personal computing bringing sophisticated data manipulation and archiving within the reach of all.

Atmospheric Humidity

Water vapour is part of the hydrological cycle, and is a key agent in both weather and climate. Humidity affects many properties of air and of materials in contact with air. It’s no wonder, then, that we want to measure and understand it.

Dry Heat and Humidity

Pipette performance has a direct impact on laboratory data integrity, and numerous variables affect the accuracy and precision of pipettes. Articles in this series have discussed pipetting error caused by mechanical failures1 and improper operator technique2, and how to avoid such error.

Extreme Pipetting

While pipetting does not normally conjure images of sweltering temperatures, exploding geysers, mountainous heights or rainforests, laboratory technicians do often work in or with extreme conditions. Pipetting hot and cold liquids, working in walk-in incubators and glove boxes, laboratory humidity, and outsourcing pipette calibration to laboratories at different elevations are common in today’s life science community. And all of these tasks can expose pipettes to harsh environments and put data at risk.

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Search for Humidity related products and services on our sister site - OSE Directory.

Humidity Measurement

The concept of humidity starts with basic thermodynamics. According to the phase rule, for a system in phase equilibrium:

Traceable Temperature and Humidity Measurement

The importance of calibrated, traceable instruments for measurement. Measurement is an aspect of life that most of us take for granted - when buying a litre of wine, whether in Athens, or Brussels or Copenhagen we expect to get 1 litre. In fact the reason we get the same measure is not due to chance - it’s due to the standardised national measurement systems of the EU.

The Significance of Air Humidity

The humidity of air or gases usually influences our life completely unnoticed. And yet weather, as we know it, is not possible without humidity.


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