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Heavy Metals

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Wearable Robotic Protection

Heavy Metal Monitoring

Waste management specialist Cleansing Service Group is continuing with the development of a process to recover valuable nickel from spent electroless nickel solutions.

Metal - Monitoring West African surface and ground water systems

This paper provides an initial assessment of metal concentrations in West African freshwater systems and proposes some preliminary environmental quality standards that could be used to assess impacts of development schemes in the region. In addition, some ideas to resolve the challenges encountered during the collection of samples are suggested.

Land Remediation for Heavy Metal in Soil

Nikko, the UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan. One tourism site writes: “The view (from nearby Mt Nantai) is breathtaking, as if you are in paradise1.” Unbeknown to most tourists, just over the mountain ridge to the south of Lake Chuzenji is another view - the 3000-hectare moonscape that was once the Ashio copper mine2, and downstream in the Watarase River Basin, 100,000 hectares of once-polluted farmland3.

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Heavy Metals' Monitoring

Much of the focus on measuring heavy metals in the ambient atmosphere has been to establish monitoring sites at locations close to local sources of heavy metals in industrial and urban areas. However, there is also a specific legislative requirement to monitor heavy metals in rural areas where concentrations are considerably lower. The Rural Heavy Metals Monitoring and Deposition Network determines the concentrations of heavy metals in samples of ambient air and rainwater collected at remote rural sites across the UK, which are not unduly influenced by local sources of anthropogenic emissions. This article describes the operation of this monitoring network and how the data are used to determine background levels of heavy metals in the UK (and thereby demonstrate compliance of the UK with the relevant EU legislation for rural areas), and in the quantification of heavy metal deposition from the atmosphere.

Monitoring For Heavy Metals

Many articles have been written regarding pollution by heavy metals in this and other journals and we all have perception of heavy metals. But what is a heavy metal? Firstly let’s look at the dictionary definition of a metal: An element which is shiny, malleable and ductile, is a good conductor of heat and electricity the atoms of which readily loose electrons to form positive ions (cations).

Heavy Metal Pollution of Soil

Soil and its uses have been neglected or have been taken for granted for centuries. The human race has been disposing of waste via the soil for as long as we have been on the earth.

Monitoring Heavy Metals

The UK Heavy Metals Monitoring Network measures the concentration of metals in ambient air in order to assess the UK’s compliance with European air quality legislation and the exposure of the general population to potentially harmful compounds. This article describes the operation of the Network, and how its constituent monitoring sites around the UK have recently been reorganised in order to ensure compliance with European legislation.

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Search for Heavy Metals related products and services on our sister site - OSE Directory.

Heavy Metal Monitoring

The monitoring of heavy metals in our environment has increased significantly in importance over the last few years. The bio accumulative properties and resultant health effects have been well documented, with a monitoring requirement for regulatory compliance the result.

Heavy Metals Monitoring

The need for air quality measurements has many drivers including: measuring the exposure of the general population to a variety of toxic compounds; informing policy development, assessing compliance with legislative target values. The measurement infrastructure must be able to readily respond to rapidly changing requirements such as the specification of new pollutants, or assessment of episodes e.g. trans-boundary pollution events. In particular, the determination of the total concentrations of metals in ambient air is of great importance within this framework.

Heavy Metals Monitoring

Monitoring heavy metals has never been more in the spotlight. Recent regulation and legislation are set to keep it that way. This article outlines the impact heavy metals can have on human health and the environment and goes on to provide an insight into the wide range of analytical techniques available to the analysts involved in monitoring heavy metals today.


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