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Static Electricity

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Arc Flash Protection

The Complex Hazard of Electric Arc Explained

Identifying risks to reduce burn injury. On October 10, 2008, at a cement production plant in the UK, electrical engineer Paul Ridings, 39, was engulfed by a fireball. He was investigating a fault with an energy meter when he inadvertently disturbed a loose connection and exposed a strand of wire leading to an electrical explosion.

Prevention of Electrostatic Risks

Static electricity is an everyday phenomenon - there can be few of us who have not experienced a static shock after walking across a room and touching the doorknob, or on getting out of a car. Static electricity also helps parts of our everyday life by its applications: photocopying, painting, pulverisation, de-dusting, etc. Directly related to the atomic structure of the materials used or treated in industry, it is created spontaneously, under certain conditions, during operations of manufacture or handling. Static electricity can build up rapidly on objects, in unexpected ways, to produce surprisingly high voltages.


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