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Sludge Treatment

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A New Era for Sewage Sludge Management

The survival of civilisation is probably dependent on the outcome in the next 25 years of how humankind tackles the three challenges - namely energy supply, climate change and waste management.

Sludge and Biosolid Management

Crude oil containing sulphur, often in the form of hydrogen sulphide, in excess of 1%, is referred to as sour crude oil. Refineries that process sour crude oil generate sour water in several ways. The processes of desalting, fractional distillation in atmospheric or vacuum towers, cracking in thermal or catalytic units, and hydrodesulphurisation (HDS) all lead to a sour water by-product. Other significant sour water contaminants include ammonia, nitrogen, phenol and cyanide.

Sludge and Biosolids Management [2007]

This is the second paper on this series. In the first I reviewed a broad breadth of issues related to managing sludge and biosolids including anaerobic digestion, the potential of biogas, drying and land application. This paper will build on, rather than repeat the information in that first paper. Save to say that sludges are an inevitable consequence of treating wastewater and, because the type of wastewater treatment affects their character, consideration should be given to the fate of the sludge at the earliest stage in design of wastewater treatment. Having said that, there are exciting advances and retrofits that will be discussed in this paper.

Sludge and Biosolids Management

Water treatment (except for ion exchange, etc.) involves separating insoluble matter from the water. It could be suspended organic and mineral matter when surface water is clarified for potable or industrial use, or when wastewater is clarified for return to the water environment.

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Search for Sludge Treatment related products and services on our sister site - OSE Directory.

Better Treatment for Waterway Protection

Water companies adopt a more rigorous approach to sewage treatment.


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