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Shining in the Best Light

In this article weíll consider some of the more traditional perspectives on potential risks and risk control with regard to workplace lighting, before exploring a fascinating and ground breaking scientific study that reveals why your employees really do want to be seen in the best possible light.

Crossover Technologies

The global oil industry should place greater effort on changing its existing mind set and practices, and embracing the more flexible and open culture dominating Silicon Valley companies if it wants to retain its position at the cutting edge of 21st century innovation and technology, said experts from the aerospace, healthcare and oil sectors, at a roundtable discussion hosted by Lloydís Register (LR) Energy in Abu Dhabi.

Mindful Safety

In many countries, slips, trips and falls are the most common causes of workplace injury, causing on average as much as 40% of all reported major injuries.

Summiting Safety

The difference between fall arrest and fall restraint may sound like little more than a technicality, but the reality is so much more. Selecting one of these systems will leave long-lasting legacies for the worker, the OHS professional and even their accountant.

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Confining Risks

In this article James Clayton looks at the role that gas detection plays in safe systems of work for confined space entry.

Hazards to Hearing

Demystifying noise induced hearing loss, Declan Chukwuma Umege looks at the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system.

Planning for the Worst

Regardless of the operational requirements, industrial works locations invariably include technically challenging and sometimes hazardous environments. General attitudes and attention towards safety during elevated risk work, however, have changed immensely over the past decade.

In Trainers We Trust

You may have the best intentions to provide your staff with the finest training available, but how do you know what quality you are getting from training providers? Do you know the experience of the person delivering the training?

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The Height of Safety

Selection Of The Fittest

Equipped to Handle Hazards

Chemical Considerations

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What Goes Up

Talking About Training Transfer

Eliminate Slip Hazards

Heavy Construction

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Training In A Tight Spot

High Expectations

Climbing To Safety

Piper Alpha Disaster

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Process Safety Management

Arrest that Fall

Safety On The Edge

Life Saving Devices

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Digital Learning

The Unpredictable Nature of Oil Exploration

2012-11-07 EHS News: As oil and gas drilling rigs tend to be located in remote locations onshore and platforms offshore, it is vitally important that workers are fully prepared to deal with an emergency and the consequen

The Training Imperative

EHS News: Why Health and Safety Training is so Important As we are all aware, work related accidents are one of the most important problems being faced by industries. Research on occupational accidents confirm

Shaking Up Safety

Some schools of thought advocate wearing gloves to guard employees against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Others suggest the protection gloves offer from this condition is minimal. Whatever your counsel has been on this matter, itís important managers have a comprehensive understanding of this potentially very serious condition in order to safeguard workers health in the long term Ė whether thatís by supplying their work force with suitable hand protection, or through other means.

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The Importance of Training

It is the responsibility of any company, no matter where they are located, to keep their employees safe and free from harm. In a lot of countries, an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) act or regulation will define the roles and responsibilities of various workplace parties in establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. If the workplace parties are not aware of, or do not understand these roles and responsibilities, the employees' ability to function safely is compromised and could lead to fatalities. In certain small workplaces that are without the most basic knowledge, employees are limited in their ability to identify and discuss hazards and the solutions necessary to mitigate the hazards.

The Great Roofing Story

Intentions behind following safety rules What is Project Management? Despite the plethora of information available on the subject and the access to different diplomas/degree courses in Project Management, the cardinal rule is that Project Management is all about getting things done. While a theoretical course is extremely helpful to understand the techniques, the knowledge of project management is mainly derived from experience.

The High Rise and Fall

Preventing injuries from work at height requires a practical approach, based on sound knowledge of regulations that are designed to keep people safe and healthy in the workplace.

A Real Emergency

Working in the offshore oil and gas industry for a very long time (more than 30 years) and meeting and working with people from different countries was a privilege. In the last offshore company that I worked with I was assigned to both the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) group as well as to the Marine department, which encompasses rig moves, diving work hire and supervision of marine vessels and barges in addition to the oil spill combating activities.

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Training Basics

Training isnít hard to do badly, but you donít have to have a degree in psychology and teaching to do it well. With relatively few tips you can greatly improve your training and student learning. At the end of the day, the point is that students develop new understanding, knowledge, attitudes and/or skills that make them more effective at their jobs, and better prepares them to face the ensuing challenges.

Blinded by Bad Habits

Your eyes are a valuable asset. Could you imagine a day without sight? Our eyes have been called the most complex organ in our bodies, with six million cone cells giving us detailed colour daytime vision to 120 million rod cells giving us our dim light, or night vision. The value and capability of our eyes is truly priceless.

Safety Case and Beyond

Safety Case and Beyond [Jan 2012]. Published in Health and Safety International - Europe's magazine for employee protection and personal protective equipment. HSI Magazine is published in January, April, July and October. It contains legislation updates for the whole of Europe, in-depth articles on Personal Protective Equipment and Company and Product Profiles to help you source the necessary equipment to protect your most valuable asset: your people.

Training [Nov 2011]

In recent times training has become an essential activity which can affect the competitive edge of an organisation and its effectiveness in getting things done. Most businesses appreciate that the more their people can do, the more they can achieve. To many, training is concerned with learning at the desk or going on courses or seminars.

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Confined Spaces

Most industrial facilities have confined spaces. They often get overlooked because access to them is rare. Not surprisingly, many facility managers believe there is no particular reason for concern. The awakening could be a rude one, as several managers have faced criminal prosecution and substantial fines as a result of fatal accidents.

Fall Arrest

Falls from height have been a major cause for concern in Singapore. As of August 2 of this year, there have been 15 such fatalities, in which four were from the construction industry. Putting safety provisions in place for your workforce will not only safeguard your employees, but help to prevent costly accidents in every sense.

Height Safety

Work at height is work in any place where a person could be injured falling from it if measures are not in place to stop this from happening.

Training [Aug 2011]

Demand for formal health and safety training has grown rapidly in the Middle East and Africa in recent years, according to Teresa Budworth, Chief Executive of health, safety and environmental examinations body NEBOSH. For this feature, Teresa explains how everyone in the workplace can benefit from some basic health and safety training, and looks at the training and qualification needs of health and safety professionals.

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Height Safety

According to figures published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 35 people died and a further 4,654 were seriously injured in 2009 due to a fall from height. These shocking statistics seemingly increase year on year and transcend the wide spectrum of industries which require employees to work at height during some stage in their profession. What is even more alarming, however, is that almost all deaths and injuries resulting from a fall could have been prevented through the provision of adequate height safety training, and from undertaking effective risk assessment procedures.


Experience is no use without knowledge - and training may be flawlessly delivered but itís no use if it is ten years out of date. Knowledge without experience is equally bad - understanding how knowledge is applied in practical situations is almost as important as the knowledge itself. To help overcome the issues around safety in the Middle East, region-wide action has been taken by governments to encourage director-level responsibility for safety management.

Best Practices in Fall Protection

One of the best fall protection practices an employer can do is to develop a formal managed fall protection programme. Adhering to minimum OSHA requirements is beneficial, but consistency suffers and OSHA regulations simply cannot address specific fall protection issues that every employer has.


Rob Fair, Chair of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Healthís Hazardous Industries Group, discusses gas detection with his committee members.

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As the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) projectsí market enters a new cycle of growth after the global crisis, the need for sustainable construction and safety in carrying out the work is pressing.

Training [Mar 2011]

Implementing a comprehensive safety and health plan has many positive results. Industrial accidents are costly. Indirect costs of injuries may be 20 times the direct costs, including training and compensating replacement workers; repairing damaged property; accident investigation and implementation of corrective action; scheduling delays and lost productivity; administrative expense; low employee morale, increased absenteeism and poor customer and community relations.

Safety and Health Training

Whether to use the blackboard or the web? That is the question.

And when it comes to training in the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), another important question is raised: what is the point of PPE training if the lessons learned arenít taken on board and acted upon by employees?

Fall Protection

Every time a worker is raised from ground level, they face a greater risk of injury or death by falling, tripping, slipping or sliding. If working from heights is unavoidable, it becomes necessary to use protective equipment to either prevent a fall or minimise injury if a fall were to occur.

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Footwear as PPE - Application Specific Footwear Choice and Training in Use

When engineering, work practice and administrative controls are not feasible or do not provide sufficient protection, employers must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to their employees and ensure its use.

The ABCs of Human Behaviour

Humans behave. We do things. We speak to each other and we take actions that others can observe, if they just take the time to look and listen. Even doing nothing is doing something. The fascinating thing about human behaviour is that we know a great deal about it. We know the ways to motivate people, we can test our theories to see if they work, we can observe the outcomes and we can help each other to have behaviours that increase our chances of being safe.

Confined Space - More Hazardous than other Workspaces

Confined space may be defined as a place where the means of entry or exit are restricted because of location, design, construction or contents. It may include tanks, tankers, tunnels, silos, sewers, flues, pipelines, sea containers or vessels. The main hazards encountered in confined spaces are fire or explosion, asphyxiation, toxicity, drowning in liquids or free flowing solids and injury or death if mechanical equipment within the confined space is inadvertently turned on while someone is still inside. These hazards are due to the presence of hazardous gases, vapours, fumes, dusts or the creation of an oxygen-deficient or oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Fall Protection - Individual and collective fall protection safety

The number one construction killer in any country is falling from heights, and this is principally due to the lack of proper edge protection in a variety of construction tasks. This work accounts for more than half of all deaths in the industry every year, and a significant amount of all major and more than three day lost time injuries.

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PPE Training - Continually Improving Health and Safety Performance

As a Health and Safety Professional I have often found that although personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided by management for employee use, the choice is not always cost effective or appropriate, e.g. it does not necessarily provide the correct type of protection, and it can be over prescribed. To assist companies in the introduction of PPE risk management and control measures, I have assisted in the development and introduction of a PPE training course, which will enable supervisors and employees to carry out PPE risk assessments and introduce simple management techniques to ensure that they comply with legislative requirements - and at the same time provide the most cost effective PPE solutions. The legal duties and obligations around PPE are The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, which seek to ensure that where risks cannot be controlled by other means, Personal Protective Equipment is correctly selected and used.

Working Safely at Height - Method, Equipment and Training are Top Priorities

As the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and a major cause of accidents at work, Working at Heights presents many and varied problems. These can be overcome by ensuring all workers are properly trained in method and usage of the correct equipment for the task.

Height Safety

At the Construction Safety, Health and Security campaign in Singapore, the minister of State for Trade, Industry and Manpower announced key initiatives to raise the safety and health standards of the construction industry in Asia. The speech stressed the responsibility of all stakeholders in ensuring safety in the workplace.

Proper Glove Use

Each year hand and finger injuries typically cause more than one million US workers to visit a hospital for medical treatment. In 2008 alone, there were 137,020 Days Away From Work Cases in the US as a direct result of work-related hand and finger injuries. The hand is very vulnerable to injury because it by necessity the body part that causes the work to be done.

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Training [May 2010]

Demand for occupational health and safety training in the Middle East has never been greater. Although historically most of such training took place in the UK, the Gulf States are now increasingly conducting their own training programmes, propelled by the huge expansion of the number of businesses in the oil, gas and construction industries and by increasing regulation.

Height Safety - One death is too many

Falls are the biggest cause of deaths in workplaces throughout the world. On top of this, high percentages suffer major injury such as broken bones or fractured skulls. You donít have to fall far to be hurt, many deaths and major injuries were from a fall from below head height. Itís easy to see why many authorities have made reducing the number of falls from height a priority.

Eye Protection - Practical advice to keep in sight

All eye injuries are preventable, however, each work day during 2008 about 110 U.S. workers had a job-related eye injury that results in Days Away From Work Cases. According to the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)[i], overall, there are approximately 2000 work-related eye injuries in the US every day. These injuries occur in all categories of industry but the highest frequencies occur in manufacturing, transportation and construction.

Training - Legislation and cultural expectations for a safe workforce

Maintaining high standards in health and safety training has never been more important. The annual worldwide work-related death toll is a staggering 2.2 million people, according to a report prepared by the United Nationsí International Labour Office. The injury/illness figure - more than 450 million worldwide, or about 1 in 8 of the working population - just doesnít bear thinking about.

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The Benefits of Training - Knowledge requires constant updating

There are many benefits that arise from possessing accredited training, the main focus being the advantage of earning a higher wage working in a professional environment with a recognised title and status. Employ your time in improving yourself by other menís writings so that you shall come easily by what others have laboured hard for. - Socrates

Training [Aug 2009]

For an organisation to be successful, it's critically important not to compromise the health and safety of its workforce or people affected by its activities, says Hazel Harvey, professional affairs director at IOSH. From senior managers to factory floor workers, all need to appreciate and understand their role in this. Senior managers, clearly, have to have a greater understanding of how poor health and safety performance will affect their business. But, workers, too, need to understand the immediate risks posed by the hazards they face during their working day.

Heightened Safety [Jan 2009]

Height and safety (yes, the title of this article is a play on words) are often enforced bedfellows when they should be inseparable. Of course, no-one should be working at height without extensive training and strict operational procedures but the ebb and flow of the annual HSE accident statistics for this sector suggests the battle for the routine delivery of responsible behaviour when operating at great height or in areas of difficult access has not yet been won.

Confused or Confined?

In the 26 years Iíve been working in confined spaces, the practices we employ to ensure our safety have changed little. Attitudes and legislation, however, have changed dramatically and sometimes I wonder why.

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The Case for Training

A Lack of Training can cause Serious Accidents. Failure to train is training to fail - was a popular saying a few years ago. Nobody disputes that teaching someone how to do their job is a good thing, but too little weight is given to the value of continuing training. Learning is development, and without development you get stagnation, and that isnít a good thing for any business. In terms of health and safety, training is not only important, but essential for workersí continuing competence and safety.

Industrial Noise

The environment we live in is a massive issue and one thatís having a growing impact on all our lives, and everyoneís being encouraged to play their part.

Training in PPE - Proper Use is Vital

In the construction industry, falls have been the most prevalent cause of worker deaths. In a study of construction worker fatalities occurring between 1985 and 1989, 33% of fatalities were attributed to falls (OSHA, 1990). More recent studies reveal that the number of fatalities attributed to falls has increased to about 36%.

Fall Arrest Equipment Selection

Of all the sectors of the safety market Fall Protection is one of the most complex, with every different scenario requiring a different solution. It is also one of the least understood and most often poorly addressed areas of personnel safety - while still remaining one of the few sectors where the result of a wrong decision will almost certainly result in the death of a worker should they fall.

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Breathing In Breathing Out

Using breathing apparatus (BA) should always be considered a final option, taken out of necessity. There are good reasons for this, not least of which is that it only protects the person wearing it. Other workers are potentially at risk and it is far better to remove the hazard by all practicable means than to resort to using BA.

Fall Arrest

Over the past five decades the Height Safety Industry has undergone a progressive change to deal with situations where personnel are required to work in areas once deemed safe, but now considered to need regulation. There have been a constant series of developments, from the use of waist belts with short rope lanyards and chain lanyards in the 1980's to the vast array of different shock absorbing devices and full body harnesses now available. Only a handful of key manufacturers have consistently provided the innovations that have led the Height Safety Industry to where is it today.

Confined Space Entry

Poe, whilst writing his classic short story, succeeded in conjuring up a vision of "the pit" as a deep, dark place full of grotesque fates for those unfortunate enough to enter. In the modern health and safety context, "the pit" is just one example of the broad range of confined space entry scenarios. All of which are capable of bringing injury, illness and death to the unaware, untrained, unassessed and the unprepared.

Confined Space Entry

When considering confined space entry procedure, employers integrate many factors into a plan to ensure the safety of all involved. In the UK under the Confined Spaces Regulations 19972, employers must first try to avoid the need for a confined space entry.

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Fall Arrest

Fall arresting systems save many lives. Many tests and experiments are carried out in laboratory and on site to gain experience. This is a report from T‹V Austria, Notified Body under the European Directive for Personal Protective Equipment (89/686/EEC).

Keeping Your Head

Helmets today are well designed and can offer significant protection if carefully selected, used, and maintained. Improved helmets are on the way, but there is no need to wait; increased use of existing helmets would greatly reduce the number of head injuries.

Protecting Refinery Employees

When Health & Safety International contacted me regarding my interest in writing the feature article, ďSafety for Refinery WorkersĒ for this issue of their publication I was delighted with the opportunity. My thirty three years in the oil refining business in Senior Process Operations, Safety & Loss Management and now in Refinery Construction & Project Management gave me the experience necessary to put an article together.

Fall Arrest Equipment

Wayne Ellis discusses ongoing training, the latest techniques and the importance of quality equipment for an area that claims the lives of far too many workers and injures hundreds more; working safely at heights.

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