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This year and in early 2012 the Emergency response community will start to see products being introduced to the marketplace that comply with a new series of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) product performance standards. These standards have one major goal in mind, and that is to protect emergency personnel as they respond to incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) threat.

Footwear for Chemical Protection

SATRA’s Peter Doughty highlights some key requirements and latest developments for chemical protection footwear intended for supply into the EU.

Gas Detection

The certification process for gas detection equipment can be complicated in China. Gas detection manufacturers from other major trading blocks around the world will find that exporting products to the Chinese market doesn’t follow a similar route to those for European or North American approval, for example. Differences in national standards, and a stringent approval route makes Chinese approval for gas detection products confusing and time-consuming, but not without its economic advantages.

Eyewear Testing - The Process to Achieve Certification

Protective eyewear sold in the European Union must be CE marked in accordance with the PPE Directive 89/686. The process to achieve certification to this directive involves testing the eyewear mainly against the requirements of EN 166:2001 but other standards can apply depending on the application (see table 1). The PPE Directive applies also to sunglasses, even those sold for private or leisure use, and it can apply to prescription eyewear if that eyewear also includes protective features.

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Search for Certification related products and services on our sister site - OSE Directory.

From Bullet Proof to Flame Resistant - Quality testing and certification of protective clothing

Protective clothing offers the wearer reliable protection against health risks and environmental effects related to their job which cannot be avoided in their line of work. In Germany, for example, protective clothing amounts to about 40% of the total market for personal protection equipment (PPE), thus being the biggest individual business segment for PPE, followed by hand protection (22%) and protective footgear (14%).1


Doesn’t the world have enough standards already? Do respiratory protective devices need to be standardized worldwide? What makes worldwide standardization of respiratory protective devices so difficult? How can we make a worldwide standardization of respiratory protective devices a success? Questions you might have heard about or even asked yourself.

Keeping Your Head - Intact

The whole point of protective headwear is that it is just that - a protection, a safeguard, something that is designed to lessen the effect of certain incidents.

Combustion and Emissions Monitoring

The MCERTS (Monitoring Certification) scheme, possibly the most developed quality assurance scheme for environmental emissions monitoring in the world, was developed to ensure quality environmental monitoring data was generated for the largest and most polluting sites. However, the obvious benefits of the scheme has ensured that it is becoming the minimum standard demanded by many smaller site operators and is being adopted beyond the UK.

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Search for Certification related products and services on our sister site - OSE Directory.

Fall Arrest

Fall arresting systems save many lives. Many tests and experiments are carried out in laboratory and on site to gain experience. This is a report from TÜV Austria, Notified Body under the European Directive for Personal Protective Equipment (89/686/EEC).

Industrial Safety Helmets

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