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Fit For The Future

The low oil price is redefining the worldwide oil and gas industry, sharpening the focus around cost and efficiency and challenging current practices. This presents an opportunity to explore the way in which competence and safety are delivered to ensure the global workforce is fit for the future.

Oil in Water Analysis

Oil is one of the most common types and highly visible forms of water pollution. As it can easily spread, even small quantities can potentially cause harm to the aquatic environment.

Explosive Atmospheres

Working in explosive atmospheres can be highly hazardous, and nowhere are the dangers more prevalent than in the oil and gas industry.

Drilling’s Digit Dangers

Hand and finger injuries have been considered a significant challenge in the oil and gas industry. This article reviews the mitigation measures in hand and finger injury prevention plans that have been used by oil and gas companies.

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Offshore Safety

Shahram Vatanparast addresses the factors influencing the effectiveness of emergency management on offshore oil and gas installations.

Measuring Oil in Produced Water

Separation and produced water re-injection or discharge forms an integral part of subsea processing strategy. Its wider acceptance within the oil and gas industry, however, will depend on the availability of a reliable and continuous measurement of the quality of the water being injected or discharged.

Crossover Technologies

The global oil industry should place greater effort on changing its existing mind set and practices, and embracing the more flexible and open culture dominating Silicon Valley companies if it wants to retain its position at the cutting edge of 21st century innovation and technology, said experts from the aerospace, healthcare and oil sectors, at a roundtable discussion hosted by Lloyd’s Register (LR) Energy in Abu Dhabi.

Defining Detection

Ali Sadeddin explores the limits of gas detection equipment and details the relevant workplace regulations, including the organisations that articulate standards and codes for gas detection.

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Processing Petrochemical Safety

High Visibility Standards

Exploring Offshore Safety

Deciphering Detectors

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Confined Survival

Gas Detection Past and Present

Confined Spaces in Construction

Piper Alpha Disaster

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Life Saving Devices

Petroleum Plant Safety

Refining Safety Theory

2012-12-19 EHS News: Traditional safety is sometimes called ‘hard hat safety’. Safety is all about looking professional and, well, a hard hat says it all. While it’s obviously very fashionable in yellow

Optimising Biogas Yield

Optimising Biogas Yield [Sep 2012]. Published in AWE International - Air, Water & Environmental monitoring, analysis and control of industrial process emissions in Europe and the Middle East. AWE International (Air, Water and Environment) is the only A4 glossy magazine that reports to Europe and the Middle East on matters relevant to the environmental analysis industry.

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Mining The Depths of Safety

Mining is an ancient occupation, long recognised as being arduous and liable to hold the potential for injury and disease. The lifecycle of mining consists of exploration, mine development, mine operation, decommissioning and land rehabilitation.

The Machinery of Trade

At a time when money is tight for businesses across the globe, it’s important to spend wisely on your investments. These can encompass anything from the design of your production line, and what you spend here, through to your choice of PPE, such as protective workwear. John Glover talks readers through the process of weaving all these various elements into your planning when it comes to considering risk assessments.

Air Quality Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction

The arrival of commercial shale gas exploration in Europe, on the back of its success in the United States, has already proven controversial. There are large reserves and its successful production is likely to be welcomed in terms of its impact on energy supply and prices. In the Unites States (US) gas prices have dropped by almost an order of magnitude over recent years, and continue to drop - a very different picture to that experienced in Europe until recently.

Oil Spill Disaster in Nigeria

Two thirds of the earth is water and one third is land or soil. Oil spills affect both. Spills on land obviously impact on the soil around the site and may impact on ground water and surface waters, like rivers and lakes. Likewise, spills at sea, such as the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, may contaminate soil and water miles away from the sites. On December 24, 2011, many Nigerian newspapers reported the oil spillage at Bonga, an oil creek in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. It was not long after this was reported that another report came regarding an oil spill in a nearby creek.

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Safety in the Wind

Gas detection is the simple phrase used for ‘atmospheric testing’ or ‘atmospheric sampling’. The process involves capturing a sample of the atmosphere so it can be analysed to determine the percentage or amount of a particular substance in the atmosphere (the air we breathe).

Safety on the High Seas

Although there have been no work related deaths in the UK offshore industry for the last four years, health and safety professionals know that if disaster does strike it can have catastrophic human consequences.

Tank Entry and Gas Detection

The best equipment, correctly maintained, and people properly trained to use it, are an essential for safe operations. Clear, well written procedures related to the task are also a necessary safety tool. When you think about it, though, having the best tools and great procedures are useless unless we use them properly - and that comes down to behaviours.

A Real Emergency

Working in the offshore oil and gas industry for a very long time (more than 30 years) and meeting and working with people from different countries was a privilege. In the last offshore company that I worked with I was assigned to both the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) group as well as to the Marine department, which encompasses rig moves, diving work hire and supervision of marine vessels and barges in addition to the oil spill combating activities.

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Gas Detection

Gas detection technology is widely used in industry to protect people, plant and atmosphere from the damage that would take place due to release of flammable or toxic gas/vapours. A gas detector of some kind - either fixed or portable - is usually part of safety engineering system.

Industrial Gas Detection

Most manufacturing industries in the world, be it food production, mining or automotive, use chemicals and machinery that can produce dangerous levels of poisonous gases.

Safety Case and Beyond

Safety Case and Beyond [Jan 2012]. Published in Health and Safety International - Europe's magazine for employee protection and personal protective equipment. HSI Magazine is published in January, April, July and October. It contains legislation updates for the whole of Europe, in-depth articles on Personal Protective Equipment and Company and Product Profiles to help you source the necessary equipment to protect your most valuable asset: your people.

Palm Oil Milling - The Impact

Palm oil milling has been seen as an agribusiness that brings a good return on investments. The milling activities are those processes and procedures undergone to get an edible SPO (Special Palm Oil) for cooking and other purposes.

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Plankton To Petrol Pump

This article is about oil, sometimes referred to as ‘black gold’ by those who undertake the sometimes hazardous task of finding, exploiting, shipping, processing and delivering it and its multiple byproducts to us.

Oil and Gas Safety

Andrew Taylor of SHEilds talks us through procedures for minimising risk, from the original conception and design of an installation, through to maintaining safety once a site is operational.

Biological Treatment of Produced Water

Produced water, also known as drilling water, is waste water formed during the process of petroleum extraction from underground reservoirs. To better understand what produced water is, it is important to take a closer look at the actual oil drilling process. Drilling for oil, referred to in the industry as the ‘upstream mining process’ frequently involves pumping large quantities of high pressure, extremely hot water into the petroleum reservoir beneath the ground. The water pressure forces the petroleum upwards, and the heat of the forced water lowers the viscosity of the petroleum. The fluid that returns to the surface is known as produced water and is comprised of hot petroleum, water that was trapped underground, as well as the pumped water, along with earth and debris.

Noise Exposure - Meeting the challenges of employee noise exposure in the oil and gas industry

Noise exposure legislation, designed to protect the hearing of employees and prevent noise nuisance, is becoming tougher and more widespread.

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Chromatography in Environmental Analysis

Gas chromatography (GC) is a technique used to separate the individual components of a complex mixture. A very small quantity of sample is needed (less than 1/1000th of a gram). The sample is injected onto one end of a chromatography column, down which gas (the carrier gas) is passing (usually helium or hydrogen). The column is situated in an oven. When the oven is cool (room temperature) only volatile compounds that boil at low temperature will evaporate from the sample and travel down the column to be detected at the far end by a detector. As the oven is heated, components of the mixture that boil at a higher temperature evaporate and are transported down the column by the flowing gas. In this way the components in the mixture are separated according to the temperatures at which they boil.

Cleaning Up The Planet

The Filtration Society was founded in London over 40 years ago with the objective of collating existing filtration and separation technologies, actively promoting new developments and providing an important resource centre for all filter related industries.

Selected Examples of Fuel Use of Waste

The title of this paper indicates that two issues more important in the early 2000s than even a decade or so previously are going to be addressed. One is the 'fuel use of waste'. The finiteness of reserves of conventional fuels, in particular oil, is becoming clearer and clearer and for part of 2006 the price of crude oil, adjusted for erosion in the value of a dollar over the period under consideration, was higher than it had been since around 1870 (yes, 1870: in 1970 a sum equivalent to $20 at the 2006 value of the dollar would buy a barrel of oil). The world consumes 80 to 85 million barrels per day of crude oil. World activity is critically dependent on the availability and price of crude oil and political ramifications of oil supply and demand are of course enormous.


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