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Continuous Noise Monitoring

The increasing awareness of the public of environmental issues such as CO2 emissions, carbon footprints and waste recycling has brought the issue of environmental noise to the fore. Many of the demands of modern society result in the creation of noise sources such as larger airports, additional power stations and higher road traffic levels.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor network technologies provide a bridge between information systems and the physical world. While cost effective sensors and actuators have been available for decades connecting, installing and commissioning these sensors and actuators has been expensive due to the cost of wiring.

High Frequency Roof Antennas

The rapid growth of mobile communications has not only led to a rising number of mobile telephones. The high frequency antennas essential for these services are now also widespread on many building roofs. However, not everyone is aware that working close to these sources of high frequency electromagnetic radiation, such as transmitter antennas for mobile phones, pagers and police, fire and other emergency services, can pose a danger.


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