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Environmental Policy Articles

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The UK’s Air Quality Networks

The industrial revolution caused arguably the greatest societal shift in history. Agrarian societies became industrial, the population exploded and technological development accelerated rapidly. But whilst industry and newfound prosperity solved many existing problems, the fossil fuels that powered it caused unprecedented damage to the environment.

Stationary Source Emissions

David Graham looks at the new standard on flue gas flow rate measurement which was published in 2013: EN ISO 16911 ‘Stationary Source Emissions – Manual and automatic determination of velocity and volume flow rate in ducts.

Arctic Metrology

The polar environment is under a constantly increasing interest: climate change comes first and comes faster in the arctic. Multitudes of observations are needed to understand the environment and its evolution. The traceability of data becomes fundamental for the comparability of the many and different measurements’ results.

Emissions Compliance

Exhaust emissions from marine diesel engines mainly comprise nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour, plus smaller quantities of nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, carbon monoxide, various hydrocarbons at different states of combustion and complex particulate matter (PM). It is these smaller quantities, together with CO2, that are of most concern to human health and the environment. Adverse effects are experienced at local, regional and global levels.

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Site Evaluation

We are routinely asked the following question: “Do you do soil testing and site evaluation?” Often this is the sole question posed in an e-mail or during an initial telephone enquiry in relation to a potentially contaminated site.

Safeguarding our Environment

Ensuring they are adhering to environmental regulations is a top priority for oil and gas organisations. Achieving these standards remains a challenge to the industry, however, as regulations evolve and factors such as carbon emissions trading become more sophisticated in the mission to maintain best practice and safeguard the environment.

Environmental Forensics

Oil spills and contaminations that have resulted in disastrous economic and environmental damage that may last for decades have made the news headlines across the world in recent years. The lawsuits surrounding them have proved just as newsworthy, with billions of pounds of compensation being paid out by those found to be responsible.

Monitoring Standards

In the UK, as in all Member EU states, European (EN) Standards are used as the basis for most emissions monitoring requirements.

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Understanding Leachate Analysis

Waste Neither Time Nor Money

Drying Out The Water Cycle

The global demand for goods is placing greater pressure on our available water reserves, with water scarcity an issue that an increasing number of regions already have to cope with. Coupled to this demand are projected climate changes to our rainfall, snowfall and temperature patterns.

Air Quality Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction

The arrival of commercial shale gas exploration in Europe, on the back of its success in the United States, has already proven controversial. There are large reserves and its successful production is likely to be welcomed in terms of its impact on energy supply and prices. In the Unites States (US) gas prices have dropped by almost an order of magnitude over recent years, and continue to drop - a very different picture to that experienced in Europe until recently.

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Environmental Analysis Focusing on Metals [Mar 2012]

Testing for a suite of metals is one of the most common requests received by environmental laboratories, and is generally perceived as straightforward and simple to understand. This is actually a complex area, however, with some misconceptions relating to the analysis and how data should be interpreted.

Measuring Our Environment [Mar 2012]

Jane Burston of the National Physical Laboratory explains why the development of a measurement infrastructure is vital to mitigating climate change. Measurement is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. From medical treatment, to sending documents over email and international trading, many of the things we take for granted today would not be able to operate without measurement. As new challenges and technologies arise, the measurement infrastructure needs to stay one step ahead.

Environmental Laboratory Testing

The market for environmental testing laboratories has changed enormously over the last three years as a result of a seismic shift in the UK market and numerous changes in legislation. In order to survive, analytical companies have had to be adaptable, far-sighted and innovative in their provision of the comprehensive service that their clients require. The reduction in market size, particularly with respect to soil testing (as this is heavily dependent upon a thriving construction industry), has raised the level of competition in the market and laboratories need to focus on efficiency and excellent customer service.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

European legislation is calling for ‘noise action plans’. How good are current models based on prediction, and can a new technology provide a fuller reporting method? Richard Barham, a researcher at the National Physical Laboratory’s Acoustic Group, outlines current legislation and how improved measurement can help to meet it.

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Environmental Management - The Nitrogen Dioxide Challenge

Achieving the EU limit values for the protection of human health has proved difficult, particularly for NO2 and to a lesser extent PM10, by Dr Claire Holman, Chair, Air Panel, Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, based on the Panel’s Policy Position Statement on nitrogen dioxide and its evidence to the Environmental Audit Commission investigation on Air Quality.

Environmental Noise Pollution

Environmental noise pollution, what causes it, how it affects us, how we measure it and what is being done about it.

Environmental Water Quality Testing

Water is critical to life, and water quality is critical to health. Not just human health, but all animals, plants and microbes - in fact, the whole global ecosystem. If water supplies, rivers and lakes become contaminated, then this impacts on the complete life cycle, often with devastating results, as demonstrated by the continuing health effects from the Bhopal incident 25 years ago, due to residual contamination in underground water sources. Less high profile, but more far reaching, is the issue of eutrophication of rivers or lakes - that’s the increase in nutrients due to agricultural run off. This is a common cause of algal blooms, leading to loss of oxygen, and the death of other species.

Environmental Monitoring Standards and Methods - Selection of standards for emission monitoring

With the increasing requirement for the installation of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) it is important that capital investment is protected and that instrumentation gives reliable, meaningful and repeatable data. Fitting MCERTS-approved equipment is one element but it is extremely important that the system is verified. The verification process requires the use of standard reference methods to underpin the data.

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Environmental Noise Monitoring

Noise pollution is a problem controlled and managed by numerous pieces of legislation, standards and documents providing guidance. In the UK, each piece of guidance or legislation varies sufficiently to cause a certain degree of conflict, which can lead to confusion and conflict amongst site operators, developers, regulators and the general public.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Air pollution is an important issue of concern to the general public as exposure to low levels of some toxic species emitted by industrial processes may be hazardous to human health or impact adversely on the environment. This article describes how the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), a National Measurement Institute (NMI) in the UK supported by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS), has been involved in assisting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the development of the next generation of novel continuous emissions monitors (CEMs).

Far REACHing Objectives

How do you objectively assess the risk of a chemical? Ever tried to compare safety data sheets on the same substance from different suppliers? What are the risk management measures you need when using a chemical in your factory? What should you do to minimise the environmental impact of a chemical when it leaves your site? Who really decides what constitutes an acceptable risk of using a chemical? Are chemical users across Europe playing on a level playing field and just where did those lists of banned chemicals come from?

LCPD Change with the Times

In the scramble to prepare for a new regulatory regime, the owners of large combustion plants should not forget the vital role that good monitoring can play in helping them meet both their production and their emissions targets.

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An Introduction to Carbon Trading

The international market for carbon credits grew in value to an estimated US $30 billion in 2006, three times greater than the previous year, it is predicted that demand will grow as countries in the developed world are unlikely to meet their Kyoto target of reducing their GHG emissions by an average of 5.2% below 1990 levels by 2012.

Cleaning Up The Planet

The Filtration Society was founded in London over 40 years ago with the objective of collating existing filtration and separation technologies, actively promoting new developments and providing an important resource centre for all filter related industries.

CE Marking of PPE

Since the implementation of the European Personal Protective equipment (PPE) Directive in 1995, SATRA has become one of the leading Notified Bodies for CE marking of PPE intended for supply within Europe and has been influential in the development of PPE related test methods and safety standards. SATRA’s testing and certification services now extend across all areas of PPE - from head protection to safety footwear, and everything worn in between. This article is intended to provide a background to the PPE Directive.

Chemicals In Our Environment

Effective enforcement of chemical and environmental legislation is essential to achieve positive results from the risk-management strategies developed in the European Union. Within the European chemical and environmental sectors there is strong interaction and co-operation between the old and new EU Member States and EU Candidate Countries.

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Legislative Driven Environmental Analysis

Continually developing analysis contributes to the provision of data

Climate Change Regulations and Standards

In today's globalised world, no country or even entity is free to play without complying with international and national rules of the game.

Environmental Protection & Waste Management

The second half of the 20th century has brought increasing awareness about the ways in which the human environment is fragile and vulnerable to damage by pollution.


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