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Optimising Biogas Yield

Optimising Biogas Yield [Sep 2012]. Published in AWE International - Air, Water & Environmental monitoring, analysis and control of industrial process emissions in Europe and the Middle East. AWE International (Air, Water and Environment) is the only A4 glossy magazine that reports to Europe and the Middle East on matters relevant to the environmental analysis industry.

Waste Water Treatment

Biogas is once again a hot topic in Europe with an impressive range of projects deriving renewable energy from animal and farm wastes to MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and industrial effluents1. The process of Anaerobic Digestion or Biogas technology as it is popularly referred to, has long been a treatment system of choice for industrial effluents and sewage even without the generation of excess biogas as valuable additional benefit. However, it is not only in Europe that biogas is making an impressive impact, but across Asia, novel large scale biogas plants are putting European systems in the shade.


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